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Right Now! In This Moment

Who are you really, prior to body, mind and thoughts?  When you let go of all concepts and simply rest in pure Awareness, That is your true nature and the gateway to Self Realization.  This short piece by Aja has been read by thousands around the world and changed the way people perceive of themselves.  Feel free to read it here on the web or download it and read it daily for 21 days to deepen your Awareness.

English Version

Also here in:

German  -  Gerade Jetzt!

Spanish  -  Ahora!  

French  -  Juste Maintenant!

Polish  -  Wlasnie Teraz!

Searching After Truth (English)

Additional short writings including 'Being More Spiritual', 'The Bliss of Non-Being', 'Doorway to Heaven', and more.

German  - Auf der Suche

Polish  -  Poszukiwanie Prawdy


An Invitation To The Awakening Field of Consciousness & the Vision of Barnashram

We are not really individuals trying to awaken...we are an expression of Awakening Consciousness. This is a brief overview of that idea, now to facilitate that, and the vision of Barnashram within all of that.


Writings by Others

Song of Ashtavakra 

An incredible help in waking up! Read it and re-read it.


Yoga Vasistha Sara

The Essence of the Yoga Vasistha Ramanayana in 10 short chapters


The Song of I AM - Nisargadatta Maharaj

A short editing of wonderful texts from I Am That