On one level, everything is Spiritual, or nothing is. However, particularly in the beginning, there needs to be a space to recognize a difference - a distinction between that which we seek and covet as material objects, the phenomena of 'life' and that which is prior to that, the noumenal or 'Spiritual', the Absolute, and how to bring these into alignment.


The primary and essential 'Spiritual' teaching of the Atma Institute is no different than that which has been taught by saints and sages for millennia - "Know Thy Self," and in referring to the Self, we mean the great Self, that Absolute (Atma) of which all of 'this' and all of 'us' are but an expression, a manifestation, a dream. Until this recognition is achieved, all other endeavors are ultimately fruitless and incomplete and will never result in true peace.

The generally tendency of people is to try to correct the past by using the mind, a totally inefficient way of doing things, since it was the mind that got us where we are. As Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  I would go a step further and say that nearly all thinking will only result in more problems. It is through non-thinking inquiry into Truth that brings us to Absolute Awareness and the Infinite Godhead.  This can most easily be done by the continuous inquiry into "Who or What am I?" or as by 'Resting as Awareness' or 'Staying as the 'I Am', Watching the Watcher, and so on. 

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