ClearPoint Self Inquiry


ClearPoint Self Inquiry

Nearly everyone has posed the question, at some time in their life, who am I? This is what separates us from other life forms, the ability to seek a higher wisdom. Unfortunately, however, the question is dropped before a true answer can be acquired, or the desire to truly know the answer is placated by accepting some belief system which offers pat answers to such questions as who am I? Where did I come from? and Why am I here? But a belief system is belief, not Truth. Even if it is based on Truth, the concept of Truth, and Truth itself are two different things - much like an object and its reflection in the mirror. Self Inquiry is looking into the 'who' of 'Who am I?' It is the intention to directly experience consciousness itself, that which witnesses all else, the original naked awareness or consciousness without an object. We are constantly looking outside of ourselves to experience. But who is the experiencer? The experiencer is the witness, the pure 'I' when we say 'I am this' or 'I do that'. But the 'I' is not the body, as we have a body. The 'I' is not the mind, as we experience or watch our thoughts. We are not the mind or the emotions or the unlimited beliefs and concepts we have about the world. We must directly experience the pure 'I'. This can be done by actually inquiring into this 'I'. What is this I? When we picture something in our mind, who sees it? It is the brain producing the image, but who is perceiving the image? When we have thoughts, we say "I am thinking.", but the truth is thoughts are just happening and we are perceiving them. But who is perceiving them? So self inquiry is contemplating this question of who is the 'I', or what is the 'I', or even deeper, what is that which arises as 'I'?

In Aja's ClearPoint Self Inquiry, this same process is done, either in a private session or in a groups, allowing for a stronger environment of intention into Truth. Self Inquiry, though ancient, was made well known again by Sri Ramana Maharshi and a group process developed by Yogeshvara Muni  who founded the Dyad School of Enlightenment.

Aja developed ClearPoint Self Inquiry utilizing the same principles but adapted it for the changing times and the general awakening consciousness of the planet. Presently Aja is offering Satsangs, individual ClearPoint counseling sessions, and intensives of varying lengths (from one day to ???) in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere throughout the U.S. and abroad. If you would like to sponsor Aja coming to your area for Satsangs, a ClearPoint weekend, or ClearPoint Counseling Sessions, please leave us an e-mail.

What People are Saying about ClearPoint

"Suddenly, there was no longer here and there, right or wrong, there was only awareness, pure consciousness left, the truth of who I am." P.K.

"Gave me a clear, undeniable, and very enlightening experience of my true inner self. I recommend it for those seeking a direct experience of TRUTH." B.G.

 "I'm not just living, I am LIFE! I'm enjoying the personal power this realization has awakened in me." D.C.

"I realized how impersonal "I" really am and that there is Freedom in that - to enjoy experiencing it all." L.E.

"ClearPoint is the most intimate and effective program of self realization available on Earth today. I highly recommend this teaching." B.C.


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