Ramana Maharshi

Who is Sri Ramana Maharshi?


Sri Ramana Maharshi

The process of Self Inquiry is ancient and has been delineated in various texts and scriptures for thousands of years, but in more recent times it was Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi who has reawoken a strong interest in this science of Self. As a young man of 17, in South India, he suddenly had an overwhelming sense of imminent death. So sure was he that he was about to die that he simply lay down and relaxed into the inevitable. Holding still as a corpse and holding his breath, as though already dead, he inquired into 'who' it was that died. What he realized was that the 'I', the awareness itself didn't die. This was not just an insight, but a deep and permanent awakening to his eternal Self. A few weeks later he traveled to Arunachala Hill, an ancient sacred site, where he spent the next 50 years teaching others of this Self, and giving the silent transmission of awakened consciousness until his death in 1950. Many of the present day teachers of Satsang and Self Realization have either been directly or indirectly influenced by Ramana's teachings.


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