Barnashram is the 7-acre community on which the Atma Institute operates.

The gardens (which were nearly non-existent) are now growing and blossoming like anything (see Barnashram page).

So, let's find out who's here:


Abhaya and Aja

Abhaya is President of the Bhaktivedanta Society, Atma Institute and Barnashram. She is the light side - the nurturer, the sweet and loving.

Aja is the dark side, the grumpy, and spiritual director. Although he founded the Bhaktivedanta Society and Atma Institute, he now mostly sits around occasionally responding to questions from the infrequent guests who actually have questions on the nature of Self Realization and the Absolute.


Vrndavana  - 

We haven't seen him for awhile. He is always covered in armor, so we're not sure what he looks like anymore. (He made this armor himself and has recently made some armor pieces for a soon to be released Hollywood movie..)





Bee Mama and whip holder. Don't slack off around Rosemary!




'Barnashram Boy #1, Garden Master and the Inspiration behind getting Simplicity Gardens going again. Here he is riding our lil' lawn tractor "Nandi"




Goat Girl - Of course, we don't currently have goats anymore....but that doesn't matter. She has Bodhi.




"Barnashram Boy" # 2, Monkey Boy and Mandolinist extraordinaire (or will be). There is no tree too high, too space too skinny, no job too foul that he won't do. But watch your food. Anything too close to his mouth automatically gets sucked in.  Check out Vyasa's YouTube Video HERE



She looks like this a lot - laid back, except when Bodhi is in the room, then she is alert. But she's a good 'mouser'.




Also known as Sir Poo-Poo Barfy Barksalot




Don't ya think he looks kinda like Paul McCartney?  Vedisa's beau, Game Wizard (read addict) and shy!






 World Traveler and general mascot, Gnomy just hangs around on the porch and oversees stuff.






What can you say - they're chickens  (for eggs only - no chicken eating here)  Currently we have 9.




(Unfortunately, pumpkinhead rolled into the wrong side of a soccer game and is no longer with us)



There have been innumerable others past and present that are near or far, friends who have brought much to our little community. First, there is Bindi, our cat, who I don't seem to have a picture of; Mike; Shaila, Chris, Susanne, Prema, Richard, Carmen, and others who have given so much financially to help us continue. To all of them we would offer, as the Buddhists say, "Three Deep Bows" and an infinite amount of love & gratitude!