In This Moment!


In This Moment

Teachings on the Nature of Consciousness

By Aja

(See Excerpts Below)

Wake Up! Wake Up! The possibility to awaken to your true nature is available in this very instant, but chances are you’re missing it. Who you are is really infinite Divine Consciousness, but it is simply clouded by your concepts of who you are. This book is a compilation of many of Aja's writings on the nature of Reality and includes the smaller version of Right Now! In This Moment, Searching After Truth, and a collection of Spiritual Sharings which Aja sends out by email. This is a powerful book that will absolutely change the way you experience your Self and Reality! 180 pages. Perfect Bound. 

“In these beautiful essays, Aja Thomas comes before us as a gentle liberator, a teacher of skillful means who uses humor and empirical evidence to reveal the true nature of the Self; and, by doing so, he offers a profound vision of how we can experience each moment of our lives with happiness, joy, and unshakable peace. The spiritual gifts---and ancient wisdom---Aja so generously provides on these pages deserve our deepest gratitude.”

Charles Johnson – Award winning author of Middle Passage and Dreamer


Excerpts from In This Moment

From 'Reminders of Awareness'

The search for Self Realization is the search for Self, and this search is being made by the Self. The Self is seeking itself. The irony is hilarious if you think about it, and yet can be extremely frustrating when one feels bombarded by anxiety, suffering and even frustration. Frustrated by frustration. It becomes an evil circle. Suffering due to suffering. Anxious because you want to end anxiety. Angry that you can't break free of anger. Yet all of these emotions are simply appearing in awareness. You need only shift your perspective and drop the identification and attachment, and ultimately ask - To whom is this arising? The moment this question is asked, immediately the arrow points back toward the Self. One may not have instantaneous realization, but awareness is now shifting, away from the object and back to the subject, back to Self. It doesn't mean it won't encounter something on the way. If you are away from your home and you decide to return there, turning around and heading in that direction doesn't mean that you are instantly at home. You may walk past many things along the way, but ultimately you get home. You are heading in the right direction. With inquiring into who you are, you are directing the mind back to its home, its source. And this inquiry can instantly bring you back to home. However, you may continue to be aware of more internalized things 'along the way'. Just know that you are still pointing in the direction of home and no matter what arises, simply inquire to whom it is arising.

From 'Doorway to Heaven'

If you had two doorways, a doorway to heaven and a doorway to a lecture about heaven, you would find the vast majority of people lined up before the doorway to the lecture about heaven.  Often we aren't as interested in experiencing the divine as we are in being able to 'know' about it, talk about it, and impress people with our astounding depth of information about it.   And what if you could actually open the doors and look in?  In the doorway to the lecture about heaven, you would find a room full of beautiful people, drinking organic tea, talking about Gods & Goddesses, doing energy work, singing songs, meditating together, discussing the pros and cons of various paths and spiritual techniques - generally having a great time.  On the other hand, if you opened the door to heaven, standing outside and peering in, you would see nothing. It would appear empty, dark, and unattractive - because through that door there is nothing for the mind to know, nothing for the body to experience, no concepts or beliefs to grasp, and certainly nothing that would 'attract' our mind, unless annihilation was attractive. For to enter into the absolute is to be totally beyond the mind and ego.

From 'Three Important Questions'

For those people who have experienced moments of that pure state of non-dual consciousness, a very specific question emerges: "How do I stay there?"  Of course in reality, no one ever goes anywhere, and there is nothing outside of Awareness.  Whatever arises is in fact arising in and as Awareness.  However, what people are truly asking is how to permanently rest in that state of non-dual awareness. How does one let go of their identification and attachment with what is arising in order to recognize (or re-recognize) the Awareness itself, as well as to recognize the infinite nature of their own being.   The answer for many has been to ask the perfect question "Who am I?"  and the continuous diving into this question will provide all the answers. 

But sometimes the simplicity of this question (who am I?), and what it points to (the pure Awareness), can be overlooked or misunderstood.  In order to hopefully clarify, I've expanded the one question into three:

1. To whom is this arising? 

Often when people would ask a question of him, Ramana Maharshi would essentially rephrase the 'Who am I?' inquiry back to them by asking 'Who is asking this question?'   In other words, he was asking them to whom is this question arising?  The questions that arise are also objects in awareness.  One must make a clear distinction between the objects in awareness (all of them) and the subject, which is the "I" or the Awareness itself.  So the first of the three important questions is: To whom is this arising?  Whatever is happening that you are identifying with in the moment - questions, thoughts, perceptions, experiences or emotions - they can all be dealt with immediately by inquiring 'To whom is this arising?'  Who is seeing this, thinking this, feeling this, etc?   The imediate and obvious answer is always 'I am'.   This leads us to question #2...

2. What is this "I"? 

This is just another way of asking the question 'Who am I?', but is more impersonal.  Our tendency, out of habit, is to identify "I" with the body, mind, memories, ideas and so forth.  But when we inquire into what the "I" is, we find it is not any object of awareness.  Whatever is an object is not the subject.  So if we are aware of it, it is not "I".  I am aware of my body, so the body is an object of awareness to the subject "I".  I am aware of my thoughts, so thoughts are an object to subject "I".  I am aware of my emotions, so emotions are an object to the subject "I".  You get the idea.  If all of these things are objects, then what is this "I"?  Through continuing this inquiry, one finds that "I" is itself the Awareness or consciousness.  There is not a separate thing called "I" other than the Awareness itself. This is where the Truth begins to be recognized - that there is no individual thing called "I" - only pure Being.  So the answer to the question (What is this "I"?) is Awareness!

3.  Where am I?   (Or  more accurately, 'Where is this Awareness?)

As one recognizes that they have no specific individuality, they need to begin to inquire exactly where they are located.  If "I" is not associated with the mind or body, but is the awareness itself, where is this awareness located?  (Remember: awareness is not located in the body...the body is in awareness.) So awareness is everywhere and nowhere.  As a specific and locatable thing, awareness is nowhere. On the other hand, since everything is arising in awareness, it is everywhere and everything.  If the body is in awareness, is the body separate from awareness? No. What is in awareness is itself Awareness.  If you are aware OF the body, the body is IN awareness, and therefore in "you".  If you are aware OF the universe, then the universe is IN your awareness, and thus in "you".   The tendency to make separations between one thing and another is only a habit of the mind.  But mind, too, is an object of awareness, and is thus in  awareness and so is simply arising in that infinite awareness that is you.  Can you find a place that you are not?  This is also an important question.  Because if you are not the objects of awareness, but the awareness itself, than whatever you see, feel, hear, or not, that is you, as awareness, being there.  It is all arising right here, right now, in this vast expanse of Awareness, which is Self, Beingness, the Absolute. 

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