Where we live we have named Barnashram. It is a slight word twist on the Sanskrit word Varnashram - which refers to the four social and four spiritual orders of society, i.e. everybody. In many parts of India, the V and B are relatively interchangeable. And since we live in a Barn and it is an Ashram (community, hermitage, village, shelter), we have called it Barnashram.

Recently, we have undertaken to revitalize the gardens. Below are a number of pictures, primarily of the gardens, but also of other features of Barnashram. Most of the photos are fairly recent. We hope you'll come visit.

Here is the most recent picture:  Our first SALE crop - Buyer lined up and everything.

So Here are the Barnashram Boys having just plucked and ready to deliver. Over 400 pounds!!


The first set of photos represent some of the before and after photos as the renewal of Simplicity Gardens takes shape.

Covered with blackberries we first we tried cutting by hand, but HOO BOY, that takes forever, so we hired a tractor with a bushhog...


Then, it looked like the picture below on the left.  Of course, there was still  lots of trimming burning and what not that had to be done....


Then we began our work in seriousness.  Adding beehives, fixing the old greenhouse...

Bee HivesGreenhouse and Trees


And then the rootballing of the blackberry roots and the making of beds and planting.

New Garden BedsMore Beds


We also bought a little Garden Tractor (Named 'Nandi' after Shiva's Bull)  to which we added ATV tires for traction.


Vrndavana and Vyasa hard at work

Vrindavan in Silly Hat


Eventually, the garden begins to take shape...


Below are Panoramic Composites taken from approximately the same place:...

Beginning of May

Beginning of June


Beginning of July


Beginning of August


And bountiful harvests begin to come in!


And Gallons and Gallons of HONEY!!!  (About 9 Gallons so far)

The following pictures are less recent, but show various dwellings, areas and people of Barnashram Dham.

BUT WAIT...... THERE'S MORE.   We now have our first video on YouTube...

This is Vyasa, playing his new instrument, the Pumpkin Pipe... a by-product of the large pumpking patch. Utilizing the stem from a cut pumpkin, he has made a flute. Okay, he needs some practice, but.... well, just check it out.


This is the main house....

Front of Main Barnashram House


And these are your hosts:

Abhaya & Aja

The Mama & Papa of Barnashram

Heads of "Team Thomas"

Swami Mommy & Buzzkill Baba

The Fearless One and "The Old Goat"