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New Website

We have created a new website where you will find a new blog, new pages, new format, etc.  So, while you are welcome to peruse this Atma Institute site, you'll find that nothing really changes here.  For our new website please go to:


What is the Atma Institute?

Good question!  And the truth is, we really don't have a clue, although we have been going for more than 25 years. But perhaps we can give you some general facts.

1. The Atma Institute is a 'dba' of the Bhaktivedanta Society, Inc. a 501c3 non profit corporation.

2. It was originally founded by Aja, a self-realized teacher, who is currently the 'spiritual director', and in semi-retirement.

3. It is a small community located (since 1990) on 7 acres in the far west end of Portland, Oregon on what is lovingly called 'Barnashram'.

4. It's focus is on Truth, and that currently that manifests in 3 primary ways: Community, Simplicity, and Spirituality, - three things we see as seriously lacking in nearly all of human society today.

How you can be involved and/or help

You are invited to be a part of everything going on here. Our biggest efforts right now are around Barnashram and expanding the garden/farm. This involves lots of growing of things, cutting of things, building of things, eating of things... just a lot of stuff that involves community and community building.  If you would like to be more actively involved in the garden, Freedom Dialogs, Sanskrit, etc., feel free to email or call us.

All of these visions and projects require time and money. The Atma Institute is a 501(c)(3) non profit religious organization under the Internal Revenue Service Codes of the United States, so if you feel a calling to help, we encourage you to give what you can so that we can do more. To donate your time, email or call (503)690-9513. Financial contributions can be sent to:  The Atma Institute, 10235 NW Cornelius Pass Road, Portland, Oregon 97231 U.S.A.


Or donate through Paypal:


In This Moment - Teachings on the Nature of Consciousness

Much of Aja's primary teachings can be found in this wonderful book that outlines the nature of Consciousness with essays on how to recognize that Awareness that we already Are!

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(For more on these teachings, click on

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